Are Your Dental Services Adequate?

Although millions of Americans visit a dentist each year, they may not be receiving adequate dental services to meet basic care requirements for their personal needs. Professionals generally agree that people should see a dentist twice a year for routine checkups. However, the exams that many people get might not cover all the bases that are necessary for quality dental care.

Thorough oral exam.

A comprehensive oral exam by a qualified Oshawa dentist includes a visual inspection using dental tools and lighting that reveal obscure nooks and crannies between the teeth and along the gums. Often the dentist will probe teeth that look suspicious for possible decay or cavities. Gum tissue is likewise explored for possible sensitive areas or decay located below the gum line.

Soft tissue inspection.

An extensive dental approach generally includes observation of the soft tissues of the mouth, including lips, tongue, gums, interior cheeks, and upper palate. The back of the throat will also be examined for any unusual conditions. Sores or abrasions will be noted for future follow-up or referral to a specialist if warranted.

Special issues.

Malformations in or around the mouth, such as an unusual jaw line, bumps or lumps, an overbite or under-bite, soft palate issues, an over-small oral cavity, an over-large tongue, and similar abnormalities will be carefully examined and referred to specialists if needed.

Tests and treatments.

Dental patients usually receive x-rays of some or all their teeth, not at every visit, but every couple of years, depending on insurance coverage. This lets the dentist see how the teeth are formed within the gums and if there are any hidden problems that need to be addressed.

Soft tissue problems, such as a suspicious sore, may be biopsied for further evaluation. Conditions like thrush or fungal infections may be tested further or treated with a prescription medication. Teeth that are broken, chipped, or tipped may be repaired by the dentist if feasible, or referred to an orthodontist for more detailed evaluation. The dentist might recommend certain products, like fluoride toothpaste or an antiseptic mouth rinse, to ensure dental hygiene and teeth protection.

If you are not receiving a full range of services like these, you may want to ask your dentist if they can be provided. If not, it could be time to look for another dentist in your area. Everyone deserves full dental care to get the most from their teeth to preserve dental health.